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Lead Pages Article on the use of Facebook - Tips

by LeadPages on

LeadPages - To give you the short version, here are the top 10 Facebook marketing tips we’ve learned from running successful Facebook advertising campaigns over the past 2 years. Read more ... ... Read full article

Growing Your Business

February 17, 2015

Cafe Leone - great place for coffee, ambience and quiet. Nice place to create a blog.  I was thinking thie morning of finding new customers. A challenge in some ways - but not really i... (more)

SEO versus Social Media Marketing?

April 29, 2015

  I know. You keep on asking yourself - How can I get found on the internet with all of the other competitors out there? You have the desire to grow your business and increase profit m... (more)

What is My Prospect Thinking ... Right Now?

March 22, 2015

Have you ever thought - "I wonder what the target prospect is thinking right now". Wouldn't it be nice to know. Then you could set up your advertising to hit them with the right message at the righ... (more)

The Marketing Fog versus The Fog of War

March 09, 2015

The fog of war, loosely attributed to Carl von Clausewitz, is the uncertainty in situational awareness experienced by participants in military operations.The term tries to capture ... (more)

Finding Your Market in the Online World

March 06, 2015

It is sometimes easy to find the market that you can build a new cutting edge business, but not most of the time. Generally we are looking at what others are doing and determining how to get in on ... (more)


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eClincher is a complete social media tool for content publishing, post scheduling, social media monitoring, and analytics.

1121 San Antonio Rd D201
Palo Alto, California 94303
United States

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Lisa Sasevich - Business Growth Mentor

in eMail Services, Sales Training, SEO Management, Online Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Image Consultants, Facebook Advertising, Event Planning, Digital Advertising, Coaching, Business Training, Business Development, Business Coaching, Branding

Entrepreneur, speaker, philanthropist, and devoted mother. Lisa Sasevich grew her 5-figure solo-preneurship to a multi-million dollar company and was recently ranked on the Inc. 500/5000 List 2 years in a row, proudly landing in the Top 20 for women

1804 Garnet Avenue #481
San Diego, California 92109
United States

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The 2015 Guide to Facebook Engagement Part 2 - 12 Suggestions to Improve Your Posts & Boost Engagement

by Amy Porterfield on

A post with no commentary feels like sending a greeting card without writing anything in it. If you’re posting photos, status updates, longer columns, and getting no feedback, it’s probably because it doesn’t feel personal to your fans. Read more ...... Read full article

What You Need To Know About Facebook Mobile Ads

by Amy Porterfield on

Facebook hit the one billion active user mark last year, and the number of people accessing the social site primarily over mobile devices skyrocketed, to about 60 percent of total users. Mobile users are 20 percent more likely than desktop -Read More... Read full article